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gap Connah's Quay Nomads FC's First Team Players

John Danby
1. John Danby

John Disney
2. John Disney

Paul Linwood
3. Paul Linwood

Jamie Crowther
4. Jamie Crowther

George Horan
5. George Horan

Danny Harrison
6. Danny Harrison

Callum Morris
8. Callum Morris

Ashley Ruane
9. Ashley Ruane

Les Davies
10. Les Davies

Nick Rushton
11. Nick Rushton

Jack Riley
12. Jack Riley

Sean Smith
15. Sean Smith

Nathan Woolfe
16. Nathan Woolfe

Chris Rimmer
17. Chris Rimmer

Kieran Gaul
18. Kieran Gaul

Wes Baynes
20. Wes Baynes

Chris Churchman
21. Chris Churchman

George Deniz
22. George Deniz

Aron Williams
23. Aron Williams

Josh Rimmer
24. Josh Rimmer

Ben Nash
26. Ben Nash

Jon Rushton
28. Jon Rushton

Kevin Holsgrove
99. Kevin Holsgrove

Lewis Short
99. Lewis Short

Matty Owen
99. Matty Owen

Jay Owen
99. Jay Owen

gap Connah's Quay Nomads FC's U19/Reserves

Ben Forshaw
21. Ben Forshaw

Luke Blizzard
31. Luke Blizzard

Josh Jones
32. Josh Jones

Jordan Manley
33. Jordan Manley

Danny McAdam
34. Danny McAdam

George Meredith
35. George Meredith

Leon Doran
36. Leon Doran

Ryan Bailey
37. Ryan Bailey

Jamie Roberts
39. Jamie Roberts

Ben Waddilove
40. Ben Waddilove

Andrew Ely
41. Andrew Ely

Trey Lattie
42. Trey Lattie

Jake van Schie
43. Jake van Schie

Jake Leonard
44. Jake Leonard

Joel Griffiths
45. Joel Griffiths

Kai Oldfield
46. Kai Oldfield

Jake Jones
47. Jake Jones

Ben Hodgson
48. Ben Hodgson

Joe Johnson
49. Joe Johnson

Jack Aitken
50. Jack Aitken

George Coulton
51. George Coulton

Owen Ainscough
52. Owen Ainscough

Iwan Rogers
53. Iwan Rogers

Samual Haddon
54. Samual Haddon

Sam Moffatt
55. Sam Moffatt

Callum Cross
56. Callum Cross

Cai Parry
57. Cai Parry

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