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Andy Morrison watches his Nomads side defeat Porthmadog 3-1 - © NCM Media

Andy Morrison comments as The Nomads progress

Date Published: Saturday, 27th January, 2018 - 10:00am

Following The Nomads 3-1 victory over Porthmadog, Andy Morrison spoke to Nik Mesney to comment on the game.

Great Credit to Porthmadog
"I give great credit to Porthmadog because they came, they were organised, they worked hard, it was a cup final for them, but the second half if we're professional and we show the qualities that we should be showing, that game is six, seven, eight nine, ten..."

Show me some quality
"... and that's the most frustrating thing for me, because you know they're going to come and have a go at us, you know they're going to push on because it's a cup game and they've got to get back into it... just show me some quality and punish them by making the right decisions, and the right decisions come from wanting the ball."

Johnny Spittle
"He slotted in nicely, it was probably a game that was good to put him in, and he did everything that we've asked of him, he hasn't looked out of place, but collectively it could have been a much easier afternoon."

Strength of the squad
"I'm looking at the strength of the squad there, I'm looking at the players that are not involved, I'm looking at the players that are on the bench coming on and I'm thinking fantastic - I've got a fantastic group there to work with."

You can see Morrison's full post-match interview below;


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