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Trevor Green pictured with the UEFA Europa League trophy at UEFA Headquarters in Nyon, Switzerland - © NCM Media
Trevor Green photographed ahead of The Nomads' friendly with Stockport County in August 2015 - © NCM Media
Trevor Green photographed at the 2016-17 UEFA Europa League draw at UEFA Headquarters in Nyon, Switzerland - © NCM Media
L to R: Trevor Green, Nik Mesney, John Gray, Roma Gray and Will Catterall at the Welsh Premier League end of season Awards at the conclusion of the 2015-16 campaign - © NCM Media

Who's who at Deeside - Trevor Green

Date Published: Tuesday, 13th February, 2018 - 8:40pm

In last week's Who's Who, we looked at a member of the coaching staff in Neil Ebbrell - this week, we go into the backroom staff and speak to our Club Secretary, Trevor Green.

How long have you been involved with the club?
I was secretary of gap Queens Park FC when they merged with The Nomads to form gap Connah's Quay in July 2008.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your family...
I live on a smallholding near Corwen - we moved here in 2004 as it was always my wife's dream to have sheep, chickens and donkeys, so we bought a semi-derelict building and rebuilt it over the years.

What do you do as your day-to-day job away from The Nomads?
My recent heart failure has ended a forty year career working on the front line in community mental health. I was a specialist in rehabilitation of people with personality disorder.

How did you get into the football side of things?
I am a lifelong supporter of my hometown team AFC Bournemouth. I was taken to my first game on January 4th 1964 by my grandfather - before immigrating to Britain after World War Two, he had been a semi-pro at Frankston Parkway in Melbourne, Australia, where my family had lived for several generations. Crystal Palace were the division three rivals that day. It was a top vs second clash and 3-3 into the last minute. I was stood with feet on the barrier behind the goal when Cherries winger Billy Coxon crashed a winner, bulging the net back a long way and just missing me. The hair on my neck stood up and a ten-year-old Trevor had found his thing in life.

Whilst working at a hospital in Kent, I started watching Maidstone United and was asked to become Supporters' Chairman. I loved being behind the scenes and grew into a role that saw me assist such great managers as Bill Williams and Barry Fry. As I moved with work, I always rolled up at the nearest club and offered to help out.

I served Ryde Sports and the Island National Team whilst on the Isle of Wight. Ryde won the Island Gold Cup just once in my time there - this is one of the world's most valuable sporting trophies being literally a solid gold cup. It is brought to the ground from a bank vault by an FA representative, the winners get to have photos with it and then it goes back to the Bank that night... except our players hijacked it on a round of the local nightclubs. I eventually got it back at 2am and slept with it under my pillow until I could take it back to Barclays in the morning!

As well as administering at clubs I have reported for BBC Radio Solent and BBC Radio Leeds. I was also administrator to the Isle of Wight Inter Islands team.

What does your role at the club involve?
The Welsh Premier League is a very high-level competition. Its administration and licensing are more complex than the National League in England - I know as I've administered in both. My role is to liaise with Football Association's, other Clubs and to make sure the manager and players are in the right place and within the rules at the right time. I also have to ensure we meet all of the criteria required to play at this level and provide the pre and post-match documentation as well as the registration. Clubs at this level need someone to undertake this role and it's not just for anyone. The WPL is fortunate that the likes of Ian Williams, Gwynfor Jones, Dorothy Montgomery, Ruth Crump and Tom Crockett, amongst others who are willing to give the time and develop the expertise involved.

What is your best memory with The Nomads?
Winning the 2015-16 play-offs against Airbus to reach the Europa League for the first time - I was genuinely speechless as I stood there and tried to take it all in.

Players, managers and administrators come in and serve a club, they then move on. It seems to me that the best clubs I have served have had local people of real quality behind them - people who give their blood for their club. At Maidstone, Glasshoughton and Pontefract we had staff who simply refused to let the club go under. Here at The Nomads we are so fortunate in this respect with some of the very best people I have known. There aren't many of us, but those we have are very top draw - it is why we will be successful and why I do it.


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