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The Nomads coaching staff celebrate the victory at full time - © NCM Media

Morrison hails 'fantastic performance'

Date Published: Saturday, 24th March, 2018 - 11:20am

Following The Nomads 1-0 victory away at Bala Town on Friday night, Andy Morrison spoke to Nik Mesney.

Testament to the squad
It's a fantastic effort and it's again testament to the squad and the mentality of our team - my staff this week - we've had to work it so many different ways and ideas and tactics really to try and cause them a different type of problem after we lost the spine of our team...

A fantastic performance
It's just a fantastic performance - from start to finish, we've bossed the game - we've caught them on the counter with the diamond and the problems we wanted to cause and getting good pace into the right areas and two or three goals wouldn't have flattered us.

John Danby
He's for me the best goalkeeper in the league - I've said that now for many seasons, he's been pivotal in what we've done and again we've got the best defensive record in the Welsh Premier League and that's in no way, not down to John Danby because he's been fantastic, but that's us as a group, the depth and the detail that we have to go to on our set plays against...

You can check out Andy's full post-match interview below.


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