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Andy Owens celebrates his second strike against Bangor City - © NCM Media

Owens not feeling the pressure

Date Published: Sunday, 8th April, 2018 - 10:34am

After his inspired performance against Bangor City which saw him scoring a hat-trick, Andy Owen spoke to Sgorio's Nicky John.

When asked to explain his interesting goal celebration, Owens responded by saying;
"He [Morrison] normally picks me and Baks out and says 'Look, the defence is always right, we've got the best defence in the league but it's up to you two - the pressure's always on you two' and before the game he said 'Look, no pressure on anyone...' and then he said '...except you Andy - you're the one who's gonna bring Baks, Wiggy, Declan in to play' so he said 'You're the only one who's got pressure', so that's why I was like tipping through it."

You can see the interview with both Andy and Michael below.

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