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Andy Morrison photographed ahead of kickoff between The Nomads and Bangor City - © NCM Media

Morrison pleased with victory on difficult afternoon

Date Published: Sunday, 15th April, 2018 - 11:11am

Following The Nomads' 1-0 victory over Bangor City on Saturday afternoon, Andy Morrison spoke to Nik Mesney.

A really difficult afternoon
"We didn't start right, but then obviously with me being sent to the stand, and just everything that went on, it was a really difficult - a really difficult afternoon, but if you're having a difficult time in any capacity, whether we've got nine men on the pitch, whether we've got ten men on the pitch, whether we're backs against the wall, we'll never fold - we'll find a way to win and that's what we did."

Three or four lads haven't turned up today
"The disappointing thing for me Nik is that three or four lads haven't turned up today - they've looked flat, they've looked tired, they've been leggy, but that's in the mind for me - this is not a 60 game season, this is a 35-40 game season - no excuses - it's a state of mind and three or four of them just weren't at it..."

Another clean sheet
"I said to the players before the game, if you keep a clean sheet we'll win this game, we will find a goal from somewhere, and again that's another clean sheet and it's a fantastic achievement - it puts us in a really strong position now..."

You can watch Morrison's full post-match interview in the video below;


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