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Andy Morrison celebrates after The Nomads 2-0 victory over TNS in January 2016 to secure Top Six football © NCM Media

Andy Morrison - a man on a relentless mission since day one

Date Published: Friday, 17th August, 2018 - 11:19am

Ahead of Sunday's game with TNS, FAW writer, Jamie Thomas penned his memories from one of his first Nomads' games.

"I've put such pressure on them since the last game to prepare right and be ready for what was coming today, and they carried it out, absolutely to the letter."

Those are the first words I remember hearing Andy Morrison say as a manager, and they came post-match over two-and-a-half years ago when The Nomads boss masterminded his first victory over Sunday's opponents, The New Saints.

A 2-0 win over the team then managed by Craig Harrison to secure a top-six spot, if the results Morrison had secured prior to that win - in what at that point was still a managerial stint in it's infancy - didn't confirm that the manager was capable of building something special at The Deeside Stadium, then this win certainly did.

Have his sentiments changed that much over those 30 months or so since? Probably not.

Sure, his team may not quite have got the desired result from time to time over his very successful tenure, but for the most part, his side have carried out their instructions to the letter, the pressure has remained the same both on Morrison's squad, his coaching staff, and himself, and the mission has most certainly stayed the same during that time.

Toppling The New Saints. Asserting dominance over Welsh domestic football.

Call it what you will - are those two things necessarily mutually exclusive? - but being the best has always been the goal for Morrison and his men, and this season presents another chapter within which Connah's Quay can look to accomplish that core drive.

Over the last two-and-a-half years, there have been some incredible highlights for this club.

Winning their first JD Welsh Cup at the back-end of last season, three consecutive European journeys, holding the best defensive record in the league for the past two years, those are the headlines, but the club has grown drastically in all areas.

That is thanks in no small part to Morrison and his team of fiercely driven lieutenants, who have worked tirelessly to build the club to become a force at all levels of Welsh football.

The benchmark is the side they come up against this weekend, however, in the form of Scott Ruscoe's TNS. The standard-bearers for Welsh football for the best part of this century. Morrison's men have a relatively impressive record against the reigning champions, however, with four wins and two draws in 13 previous meetings under the former Manchester City captain's leadership.

All four of those wins have come at Deeside. Can they make it five today? Well, normally someone would tell you to sit back, relax and enjoy the show, but sitting back and relaxing isn't usually in the script when these two sides meet.

Enjoy the game!

Jamie Thomas writes for the FAW and can be found on Twitter at @J_T_93


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