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Andy Morrison pictured ahead of The Nomads' 1-0 victory over Falkirk in the Irn Bru Cup © NCM Media

Morrison: It's just a great day for Welsh Football

Date Published: Sunday, 9th September, 2018 - 8:29am

Following Connah's Quay Nomads' 1-0 victory away at Falkirk in the Irn Bru Cup, Andy Morrison spoke to Nik Mesney to give his feedback on the game.

It's just a great day for Welsh Football
"I think it's fantastic for the league that our teams are coming away, not at home, we've been unfortunate with two away ties against Scottish Championship teams, and last year we took a Scottish Championship team to 119 minutes until they got the winner against us and I just think it's just a great day for Welsh Football."

Could have been more
"If we get it right in the first half, and we're clinical, we 2-0 up at half time, we've had more posession, we've kept the ball and I continually hear people talking about playing football the right way - I have a way of playing football that wins games of football..."

Strength in depth
"... that's the philiosphy of our football club, everybody knows what's expected of them, everybody knows the detail that they have to go to not to concede a goal, so the personnel can change - we've got no Laurence Wilson, we've got no Danny Holmes which are big players for us, they're missing today and we've had to swap it round all over to try and come up with something to cause them problems, and we did...

You can check out Andy's full post match comments in the below video;


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