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Andy Morrison photographed at The Nomads' away draw with Caernarfon Town

Morrison: Really really frustrating

Date Published: Saturday, 27th October, 2018 - 9:52am

Following The Nomads' 0-0 draw with Caernarfon Town, Nik Mesney spoke to Andy Morrison to get his thoughts.

We've been exceptional
"Up until the final third, the last two games we've been exceptional and our decision making when we're getting in, to show that little bit of quality rather than snatching at something or pulling a cross back when there's nobody there when you could bring it back onto your left foot or bring ir back onto your right foot and then play in somebody who's arriving, or the quality of the cross, or the first touch when we get in there - it's really really really frustrating..."

Four or five players that were outstanding
"There was four or five players there tonight that were outstanding, absolutely brilliant to a man and a few turned up late - it's trying to be professional - half the squad are still part-time players and they're trying to get away from work tonight so they're turning up at quarter past seven, twenty past seven and it's very difficult and when we get that right and we go to the next level where you've got 15 maybe 18 instead of half and half like we've got at the minute then that side of it will improve as well..."

Our back four were exceptional
"A clean sheet - probably the only positive we can take with it and I thought our back four, I thought they were exceptional, I thought Danny Harrison was excellent, I thought Jay [Owen] and Callum [Morris], you know, it was just again without wanting to repeat myself, that final third we are very very poor at the minute...

You can watch Morrison's full post-match interview in the video below;


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