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Andy Morrison was pleased with The Nomads' 4-1 victory over Bala Town on New Year's Day | © NCM Media

Morrison: "I don't think 4-1 flatters us..."

Date Published: Tuesday, 1st January, 2019 - 10:25pm

Following Connah's Quay Nomads' New Years Day victory over Bala Town, Andy Morrison spoke to Nik Mesney to give his thoughts on the result.

I thought we'd have too much for them
"I felt if we stayed in the game, I thought if we were patient, I thought we'd have too much for them today and I think that showed in the end, because I don't think 4-1 flatters us in any way - the goal they've got really took the wind out of my sails because I was so frustrated - they've not had a shot, we're completely dominating the game and we're so in control and then we give them a leg up..."

I keep asking for better quality
"I keep asking for better quality, asking for more from the players to show me what good footballers they are - take the easy option when it's the right option, but show me a bit of quality when you get in that final third, a little bit of disguise, a little bit of guile, seeing a picture a bit earlier and Callum [Morris] did, he's knicked the ball, it's a terrific ball and Andy [Owens]'s just had to finish it off and then a great finish from Baks [Michael Bakare]..."

Full time football doesn't mean more money
"One of the reasons of trying to go full time is to give players a better opportunity to become better footballers and to become fitter, and that doesn't mean more money - the fact is that Bala have players that are earning a lot more money than our full time players - that's why we've had to look at going full time because we cannot compete with Bala... when an agent says to me 'If you give the same signing on fee, if you pay my agent's fee and you give him the wage that Bala are going to give him he'll re-sign for you', and I say no, we're not doing that - that's what we're competing against..."

You can watch Morrison's full post match interview in the video below.


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